About Domainiew

What is Domainiew.com?

Domainiew is a reliable free marketplace to sell your premium domain, we offer helpful filtering for all the premium domains available for resale and we pick only the best domains that are meaningful, brandable, and easy to write and remember. We advise the seller with the best price for their domains.

What are the listing fees on Domainiew.com?

Domainiew lists your premium domain for free for one year and then, it will be removed if not sold.

Can I list my premium domain after the free year?

Yes, but you will pay 10% out of the selling price if it is sold in the second year through Escrow.com

What is the cost associated with selling my premium domain on Domainiew.com?

We charge 5% total fees for any sale through Domainiew via Escrow.com (This includes Escrow.com fees, you won’t pay any additional fees other than the 5% in total)

Is it safe to sell your domain with Domainiew.com?

We are providing our sellers and buyers with the highest level of security to ensure the transaction will be 100% secure and safe. We use Escrow services to make sure that everyone will be happy. Pick your favorite domain and We will ensure that you receive it within a maximum of 5 working days.

Can you negotiate a premium domain?

Yes, you can propose a lower offer. However, this does not mean that we will accept it. We leave this decision to the domain seller. The reason behind this is that we do our best to pick the most suitable prices that are affordable if compared with the available premium domains on the market. We always strive to advise our domain sellers to be reasonable and provide us with encouraging prices.

Does the domain seller need to verify his domain before listing on Domainiew?

No, The Escrow transaction does include a safe transfer process and you (as a buyer) will not be charged for any domain that you do not receive. In addition, No domain seller will list a domain he/she does not own because in all cases, the domain seller will not receive any money without providing the domain he/she has listed on Domainiew.